Friday, January 22, 2010

all in a day's WORK...

To get the results you are craving, meet the goals you've set for yourself, you are going to have to WORK at it! Here at the Utah Fitness Retreat, we believe in hard work, lot's of sweat, motivation from the trainers and one another, and pushing yourself to levels you never imagined possible. Each week you will build endurance and strength, while losing fat and excess weight.

Our certified personal trainers know their stuff and want you to meet your goals just as much as you do...You will have individualized attention, one on one training, small group classes, boot camp style workouts, and plenty of outdoor activities to keep you moving and losing!

Ready for the challenge that will change your life? If so, it's time to get to WORK!!

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  1. Hi. I'd like to know if it is possible to work personally with Wayne Larsen, whose specialties seem to fit my profile. I have diabetes and ESRD. I'm on peritoneal dialysis and get an extra 400-1200 calories a night from my dialysis fluid, just from the dextrose in it. Since dextrose is how it works and I have to do this form of dialysis every single night, I cannot avoid these empty extra calories. I need serious help and I need it from serious professionals who will understand that someone with ESRD has no stamina and no energy and is starting from basically zero when it comes to working out. I used to work out at a gym but got really disheartened at the ground I kept losing, the stamina and energy and strength I kept losing due to this cursed disease, and after months of losing ground, I gave up. It wasn't helping me keep weight off or even maintain a decently healthy weight, which I had when I started dialysis two years ago; I now have gained approximately 50 pounds that needs to come off, and soon. I don't know what to do with no energy and no stamina; I don't think I can do eight hours or more in a gym environment, or eight hours or more of vigorous exercise anywhere, and I'm asking you for help in figuring this out. Wayne's the only person I see on your staff who might have an inkling as to how to work with an ESRD patient. Please let me know. I have had no real help from my nephrologist and his nurse regarding this problem.